Interview with Abdulla Mohd Ibrahim Al-Mannai


Member of the Board, The Commercial Bank of Qatar

When did you first start working with Hussain Alfardan?
More than 30 years ago.

How did you meet?
Before Commercial Bank, he worked for another bank.

Did he talk to you about his dream to create a bank at that time?
I was not with the Bank from the first year. Abdullah Khalifa and Abdullah bin Ali – we came later.

What is the secret of Commercial Bank’s success?
All the people are very nice, and Commercial Bank is focused. Everybody with a business likes the work of Commercial Bank. 

Hussain Alfardan, H. E. Abdullah bin Khalifa Al-Attiyah and people like yourself who joined together – would you describe yourselves as a band of brothers?
Yes, yes. There’s not one person thinking south and the other thinking north; we are all thinking the same way. In three years, in all the meetings, we’ve had no problem with anything. We are all of one mind. These members are all good men with clear, good hearts, with belief and faith. Some banks have no faith or pure heart and intentions. With Commercial Bank we have consensus – one heart, one feeling, one vision.

Why has Qatar risen so fast?
Because of Sheikh Hamad and Sheikha Moza. Their mind is very clear to go from a small country to a big country; this is the reason for the rise so quickly. Also, they don’t think, Oh, this is a small company or a big company – they support all of us. Qatari national or non-Qatari – they support all of us. 

Do you have fond memories of the early days?
I remember that all the businessmen in Qatar gave big support to Commercial Bank – personal or company – they gave huge accounts and had a good relationship with the board. This was most successful for Commercial Bank.

Would you describe Commercial Bank as a bank with ambition?
Oh yes!

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