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 31 Day and 60 Day Notice Accounts


Higher interest to meet your saving objectives

With Commercial Bank's 31 Day and 60 Day Notice bank accounts you can earn up to 0.85% (p.a.) with interest credited regularly. Our Notice Accounts are ideal for the medium term saver looking to grow their savings at exceptional rates.



0.85% 60 Day Account
0.75% 31 Day Account
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Who's eligible?

Any CB, or non-CB customers with a valid QID can apply

Currency Option

Account can be held in Qatari Riyals only
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No Fees

Ways to Bank

Online, mobile, telephone, SMS and in branch

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Our 60 Day Notice Account offers:

Our 31 Day Notice Account offers:

1.35% p.a. received every 60 days

An interest rate of 1.75% (p.a.) received every 31 days

0.50% p.a. bonus interest received twice a year based on maintained average balance

Ability to add funds anytime you want

Ability to add funds anytime you want

Automatic roll over

No fixed term, just schedule your transfers and wait out your notice period before your money is withdrawn

No interest will be paid if no notice is given


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