Credit Cards

Shop overseas with your Credit Card and Receive Triple Reward Points

Starting 7th July, spend a minimum of QAR 7,000 using your credit card at least 7 times for all international retail purchases. In return, you will earn Triple Reward Points on all international spends.

Enjoy the many benefits of our enhanced online rewards programme, where you can redeem your reward points for:
  • Any Airline ticket on any date, at anytime
  • The widest range of Hotels & Car Rentals
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Q-Miles
  • Charities

Visit today!

Offer valid until 30th September 2015 only.

What you’ll need

  • Qatar ID or Residence Permit
  • Working visa – home passport showing a valid working visa together with your home ID card if applicable.
  • Two passport sized photographs