Is Showing a Friend Your New Car Your Everything?

Commercial Bank Vehicle Loan Offer 

24 Hour Approval, 3-Month Grace Period.

Commercial Bank is offering one of the most exciting vehicle loan rates of the year: 2.4% flat. The offer includes simple repayments to help you get the finance you need for the car you want. It is easy to apply and in most cases, you’ll be able to choose and drive away your new car the same day.



  • One of the year's best rates
  • FREE Credit Card for the first year and 25,000 Reward Points bonus, to use for your next flight
  • Instant 24 hour approval
  • Insurance bundle that covers your salary, car and roadside assistance
  • 3-month grace period
  • An exclusive voucher booklet with 20 offers of up to 50% discounts on car products and services
  • Financing for new and used vehicles
  • Up to 72-months repayment plan postpone up to twice a year

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