National Guarantee Program (response to COVID-19)

What is the COVID-19 National Response Guarantee Program?

The Private Sector Stabilization Program is a 100% guarantee scheme of the Government of Qatar to help mitigate COVID-19 impacts by relieving the most critical short-term payments private sector companies will face for a period of a maximum of 3 months.


Why is there a guarantee scheme for the private sector?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, quarantine measures have had a significant impact on consumer and business spending, making it difficult for companies to meet critical short-term payments.


What are the components financed by the guarantee scheme?

        Staff payroll as per the Wage Protection System (WPS) registry for a period of up to 3 months paid on a monthly basis.

      Rental payments (factory, business outlet, warehouse and labor accommodation rent) for a period of up to 3 months paid on a monthly basis (not waived by the landlord or the government).


Who is eligible for this program?

       100% privately owned companies incorporated under the regulation applicable to Qatar which have been impacted negatively by COVID-19; with a valid Commercial Registration (CR) issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and majority shareholding in company (minimum 51%) by Qatari partner(s).

         Applicant must be a Qatari partner with shareholding of 10% or greater.

    Exclusion: Companies operating in real estate, construction or contracting as indicated on valid CR, supermarkets and pharmacies.


What is the total guarantee amount per company?

Each application will be assessed based on the actual amounts of employee salaries and rental payments, with maximum financing allowed per applicant QID up to QAR 2.5 million per month for a period of 3 months starting from March 2020 (not exceeding QAR 7.5 million in total).

Actual amounts of monthly employee salaries not to exceed QAR 10,000/ per employee/ per month.


Can one applicant (QID) apply for various companies (CR)?

Yes, one applicant QID may be used to represent various company CRs as long as total financing per month per applicant QID does not exceed QAR 2.5 million.

Please note that each company (CR) will required a separate application.


What is the Loan tenor and rates?

·       Loan Tenor will be maximum 3 years.

·    If loan amount is fully repaid during the first 6 months, no interest rate will be charged. 

·     From 7-12 months companies will be charged an interest rate of QCB Lending Rate - 0.5% p.a

·       From 1-3 years companies will be charged an interest rate of QCB Lending Rate + 2% p.a


Are companies charged any other fees related to processing of the loan?

No, there are no fees and charges.


What Documents and Collateral is required?

         Valid Commercial Registration

         Valid Computer Card

         Valid QID copy of partner(s) / Valid passport copy for non-Qatari partner(s)

         Personal guarantees issued by all partner(s)

For salary financing:

         Most recent WPS payments made to employees through Commercial Bank

For rental payment financing:

·       Valid rental agreement attested prior to April 2020

·       In case attestation is not done, valid rental agreement must be supported by:

 Utilities bills paid prior to April 2020 and registered under the company’s name as written in valid CR


   Proof of three consecutive payments made to the landlord prior to April 2020


How will funds be disbursed?

·     Disbursement to be made directly to the company employees through the WPS mechanism on a monthly basis based on the payroll list submitted by the company.

·     Rental payments will be made directly to the landlord’s account based on the rental agreement to be provided in support of the rental payment computation.


How can I apply for the COVID-19 National Guarantees Response program?

If you are eligible, please forward:

·       Request letter to Commercial Bank on company letterhead

·   Above-mentioned required documents to your Relationship Manager OR to in order to receive the Customer Application Form for completion.


What happens after a company submits its application?

Commercial Bank will verify the eligibility of the request and review the documents submitted. After initial evaluation at CB, documents will be forwarded to QDB for approval. QDB will evaluate the request in line program guidelines.


Who can I reach out to incase I need more information/ help with this program?

We advise you to reach out to your Relationship Manager or our Contact Center on 4449 0000​​

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