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CB Muwaten, a groundbreaking offer for Qatari Nationals only. It rewards loyal customers with a range of loyalty benefits that genuinely fit their lifestyle.

The process is simple, open a Commercial bank Sadara account and transfer your salary. Upon receipt of complete 12 months’ salary credits, customer will receive lifestyle rewards chosen at the time of account opening.

There are four (4) available rewards to choose from:

The Falcon, a national symbol, resembles the freedom of travel. The Falcon package rewards customers that have used their CB account and cards to purchase flight tickets and holiday packages.

The Dallah is a traditional way to connect with friends. Choosing the Dallah reward means that when you pay your Ooredoo or Vodafone bill (to stay connected to friends) via Internet or Mobile Banking, we will refund you the annual cost of your cellular bill.

The Dhow is traditional mode of transport, has been modernized. If you choose this package and pay for your QIC Motor Insurance policy from your CB account or cards, we will refund you the annual premium.

The Midkhan represents hospitality and entertainment. When you select this package, the spend you use on your CB Credit Card will earn points for cash, so you can continue your generous hospitality.

With CB Muwaten, every year is a fresh upgraded journey! The longer you remain with Commercial Bank, the more rewards you will receive and the more we value your loyalty. You can collect up to a maximum of six rewards in three years.

One reward after 12 months
Two rewards after 24 months
Three rewards after 36 months

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