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Asset Management

​Commercial Bank offers Asset Management solutions for your unique investment needs.


​Investments are usually offered on a closed-ended basis, where they are made available for a limited period only.


Expert insight 




Our team of highly skilled investment bankers are based in Doha. 


Discretionary Mandate




Our Discretionary Mandate allows you to set your personal investment priorities and goals, while Commercial Bank experts manage your portfolio. Together, we monitor your strategy, forming a solid basis on which to develop your portfolio. Our Discretionary Mandate starts with assets under management of QAR 10 million.






  • Employs a professional Fund Manager to manage your wealth
  • Actively managed to harness the opportunities of the market
  • Dynamically managed
  • Access to specialty asset classes



Advisory Mandate




With our Advisory Mandate you retain the executive powers for all investment decisions, while Commercial Bank provides you with the advice you need to grow your portfolio. Our Advisory Mandate starts with assets under management of QAR 5 million.​



  • Retains the control of the executive power for all investment decisions
  • Access to specialty asset classes

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Asset Management

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