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Capitalise on your investment opportunities today with Qatari and international bonds. ​ ​


Bonds are also known as debt securities. When a bond is purchased, you are lending money to the issuer, which could be a government or a corporation. ​




  • Regular coupon
  • Potential capital appreciation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Capital protection

Bonds are initially issued at face value and generally pay you a coupon at a specified rate and on specified dates during the life of the bonds (except zero-coupon bonds). 


Although traded like equities, they have a lower risk and return expectations than equities, as they allow investors to recover the face value of the bonds when they mature – subject to no credit event during the life of the bond – which allows for a degree of capital protection.  ​





At Commercial Bank, we offer a range of Qatari, GCC and International bonds that will allow you to diversify your portfolio, earn a higher return than time deposits and reduce your overall portfolio risk.







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