The following services are currently available on SMS Banking

Pull services

(where you can extract information by texting us the codes)

Summary - Code SUM

Account available balance - Code BALA

Credit Card available balance - Code BALC

Last 5 account transactions - Code TXNA

Last 5 credit card transactions - Code TXNC

Checking the Credit card's due Amount & Payment Date - Code CCDUE 
To extract this information please send an SMS to 92611 with the above code followed by a space and your account/ card/ loan nickname - Eg: BALA SAV1 (leave a space between code and account nickname)

Card activation via SMS 
** For activating your ATM or Credit Card send appropriate code as mention below with last four digits of card number. i.e.
ATM/ Debit card - ACT D xxxx
Diners club card – ACT I xxxx
Visa card – ACT V xxxx
Mastercard – ACT M xxxx

Card Blocking via SMS 
** To block your Credit Card send the appropriate service code as mention below with last four digits of card number. i.e.
Diners club card – BLC I xxxx
Visa card – BLC V xxxx
MasterCard – BLC M xxxx 
** Replace the x with last four digits of you card number and send to 92611 to activate / block your card. 

To receive a list of all the service short codes – HELP

To receive a list of the Codes ‘Nicknames’ that belongs to your own account – CODE

To change the language preference – LANG

Push services

(where messages will be automatically sent to you based on pre-set criteria)

Salary credit to account 

Overdrawn account

Failure to execute any pre-set standing orders

Debits above set value to account or credit card 

Account balance falling below a pre-set limit 

Usage on credit card nearing pre-set limit 

Past due notice on loans and credit cards 

Card status change 

Creation of new overdraft 

Account balance notification

Marketing messages