Take your bank with you wherever you go!


From the very comfort of your home, you can order food, groceries and household items, have gifts delivered, book a cab and so much more with just a few clicks on your mobile. So, why can't you bank the same way?

Whether you're in your home, out and about in Qatar, or travelling the world, your bank should always be with you. You never know when you may need it.

The Commercial Bank of Qatar (CBQ) understands this need well and understands that you want to stay close to your finances at all times. So, it's gone a step further in its ability to provide its customers with solutions that work. Since innovation is part of CBQ's DNA, it's developed a new, more user-friendly mobile app that will solve many of your banking problems without you having to go in physically to the bank.

Let's tell you all about the features and benefits of the CBQ Mobile App.

Bank the smart way
The CBQ Mobile App has been designed to ensure you have access to your bank account and financial information with just a click, no matter where in the world you are. The only conditions are that you have a phone that is compatible and you have internet access, whether Wi-Fi or mobile data. The service is completely free of cost for all CB customers as long as they have valid mobile numbers and is a secure way to bank.

Make payments through the app​

Take CBQ wherever you go!

You can pay all your monthly bills using the CBQ Mobile App, and your kids' school fees, too. And, if you have any monthly subscriptions, the CBQ Mobile App will automatically pay them for you, too.

Manage your credit/debit cards

Take CBQ wherever you go!

The CBQ Mobile App offers you an easy to understand and easy to use way to manage your credit and debit cards. You can block, replace, or change the PIN number for all or any of your credit/debit cards. Another great feature is that you can digitize your credit card/s through the CBQ Mobile App and pay whenever and wherever you need using your mobile. It's as simple as that!

Apply for a personal loan
With the CBQ Mobile App, you have the facility to apply for a personal loan with just a CBClick. As soon as your application is approved, the money will be credited to your account.

Transfer money within minutes
Take CBQ wherever you go!

Thanks to the CBQ Mobile App, you don't need to leave your home to transfer money locally or internationally. All you need to do is log in and with a few simple clicks, the money transfer will be on its way and your beneficiary will receive it within minutes.

You can even send a special cash gift with a personal touch by using the e-Gift service on the CBQ Mobile App, so you can surprise your loved ones. For this, you'll need the beneficiary's mobile number so they can collect the cash gift from any CBQ ATM in Qatar.

Some features you may not know
You can now update your personal information and banking details, order your cheque book and have it issued using the CBQ Mobile App. Fast and easy. You can also check your account balance and view your latest transactions, in addition to making requests for cash advances on your credit card and participating in IPO subscriptions using CBQ Mobile App.

The CBQ Mobile App has been fitted with more innovative features, so it's easy for you to locate an ATM or bank branch through automated routing and subscribe to e-statements. If you forget your PIN number, that's not a problem either because, with the help of the new PIN reissuance request feature, you can now reset it using your mobile.

Avail the best offers

Take CBQ wherever you go!

Looking for some great offers? The CBQ Mobile App has just what you're looking for. Enjoy great travel discounts, get the best shopping deals, relish the finest dining options, pamper yourself with wellness offers and revel in some awesome entertainment and activities with the CBQ Mobile App. You can also use get discounts when you stay at your favourite hotel.

Open a Sadara Youth account

When you open a Sadara Youth account with the CBQ Mobile App, you'll get to enjoy an exclusive experience and a gateway to premium banking that understands your needs, your aspirations and gives you exactly what you want.

The CBQ Mobile App is just what you need in today's busy world. The app has been designed to make your life easy and comfortable. It's one of the bank's most popular services with more and more people connecting everyday. And, now that you know the power of this innovative multi-function app, when are you downloading it and using it for all your banking needs?