Our 40th Anniversary Story

Commercial Bank was established as the country’s first private bank in 1975.

​Founded by a small group of enterprising businessmen, led by Hussa​in Alfardan. The ambition of our founding fathers was to bring modern banking to a newly independent nation, whose economy had been dependent on pearl fishing and trading for hundreds of years.

With the opening of our first full-service branch in Souq Al Ahmed in 1980, the bank went on to accomplish many significant milestones over the course of 40 years. We were the first bank in the country to offer a Ladies’ Branch for women only and the first to offer our customers ground-breaking banking conveniences, such as ATMs, POS machines, credit cards and the first internet banking services. 
As an organisation, it has always been paramount for us to keep innovation at the forefront of our business, to keep pace with Qatar’s evolving population and growth as a nation. At the same time, our strong heritage and Qatari roots have always been deeply embedded in our operations. It is with this mentality that we have been able to grow to 29 branches and excel in both revenue growth and improving customer satisfaction. 

As we embark on a new era, we wish to pay tribute to our visionary board members, dedicated staff and loyal customers, who have shown us that together, everything is possible.