Protect yourself from Scam Calls


‘Cash Prize’ calls received through Viber, WhatsApp or from unknown phone numbers target to gather your personal information and banking credentials which are used to take over your account. Be cautious of these calls and contact Commercial Bank (CB) on 4449 0000 to report such incidents.
Security Advice
  • Calls claiming Lottery / Cash Winning are High Risk. Be cautious if you have not entered any official competition or prize draw & the caller claims that you are a lucky winner.
  • Do not share your personal security information (User name, Password, Card numbers, Card expiry & PIN) with anyone.
  • If a caller requests you to provide the one-time-password (OTP) sent to your mobile, this is a clear sign of a scam.
  • Never let the caller’s urgency influence you as they want you to act first and think later.
  • If you have received a SMS notification from Commercial Bank such as an OTP or any profile change, which was not initiated by you, report the notification to CB.
We maintain strict security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to information about you. Commercial Bank will never contact you by e-mail or phone to ask you to validate personal information such as your user ID, password, OTP, PIN or account numbers. If you receive such a request please call our hotline +974 4449 0000.