Structured product rates


Commercial Bank offers Structured Products as Structured Notes in the form of fixed rate bonds which allows you to an exposure to equity indices, single stocks, basket of stocks, currencies, interest rates, commodities and funds, without necessarily risking 100% of the principal invested.



A Structured Note is an investment with a specified term spanning from 1 year and up to 5 years. Its return is linked to the value or level of an asset or index at the end of a specified term. It enables you to participate in the appreciation or rise of the value or level of the asset or index, whilst offering protection on your principal invested (on maturity) if the value does falls. Hence, you can reduce your risk in a Structured Note when you invest in conventional assets like equities, funds or currencies or to diversify your portfolio by investing in commodities and indices that are otherwise hard to access. 

Al Maha Note II
NAV* 101.29 as of 27 December 12
(Closed for subscription)

Al Hilal Diversified Global Property
NAV not applicable.
(Closed for subscription)

USD 23% Target Return Certificate
NAV* 90.9 as of 27 December 12
(Closed for subscription)

* NAV refers to the Bid price and it excludes any redemption fee payable. Also, it does not warrant liquidity.​