e-Statements Services


This is how to subscribe to e-Statements:

  1. Select 'Services' tab, under 'Account & Card services', click on 'Subscribe to e-Statements'.
  2. Click “Select All” and click 'Submit'.​


Once subscribed, you will start receiving your statements to your registered email address. 

Make sure your email address is updated with us.​

This is how to view, download, and send your e-Statements to your registered email address:

For Accountholders:

  1. Select 'Account' tab, then select the account.
  2. Click on 'e-Statement'select 'e-Statements' from the options.
  3.  You will have an option to view, or download or send to your registered email address.

For Credit Cardholders:

  1. Select the 'Credit Card', then select 'e-Statement' from the options.
  2. You will have an option to view, or download or send to your registered email address.

Simple, fast and secure. Register now, have control over your finances and access your statements securely. ​



The following Terms & Conditions shall govern the E-Statement service and shall form an integral part of the Commercial Bank's (the 'Bank') Credit Card Terms and Conditions.

Commercial Bank Credit Card holders can subscribe to the E-Statement service (the 'Service') by completing and signing the E-Statement service Application at any of the Bank's branches or by requesting the service through telephone, email, or online at
To use the Service, the Customer must have a valid e-mail address at which they would like to receive E-Statements. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure they provide the correct e-mail address and the Customer shall be liable for any E-Statement sent to an incorrect e-mail address. In the event that the e-mail address used to receive E-Statements becomes invalid the Customer must notify the Bank immediately. The Bank shall not be liable for E-Statements sent to invalid e-mail addresses. Additionally, the Bank accepts no responsibility or liability in the event that a Customer's email account is accessed or used by a third party, with or without the Customer's consent.

The Bank reserves the right to refuse to offer the Service to any Customer for any reason at its absolute discretion. 

The E-Statement Service
The E-Statement service delivers Credit Card statements to the Customer electronically through e-mail.

E-Statements will contain a Card Account summary; details of transactions made using the card; details of repayments due and payable to the Bank; amounts outstanding; interest charged and the date on which such repayments must be made.

By applying for the Service paper based Credit Card statements posted to Customers will immediately and automatically cease.

E-Statements shall be conclusive evidence of the Credit Card account, including all transactions made using the Credit Card the amounts to be repaid and outstanding. Customers shall have 30 Business Days to contest any transactions or amounts indicated in the Statement, failing which the Customer shall have no right to object to the amount set forth therein.


It is the Customers responsibility to ensure they frequently check their e-mails and review their E-Statements. Customers shall be deemed to have received and read all Statements sent to them on the day the Statement is sent by the Bank. 

Credit Card Repayments

All Statements sent to the Customer via e-mail shall be due and payable on the "date due" as indicated on each Statement. Customers shall be fully responsible and liable for the prompt and complete payments due irrespective of whether or not they accessed their e-mail and reviewed the Statement, or for any reason failed to read the relevant notification.

Terms governing repayments, and any defaults thereof, shall be those Terms and Conditions included in the Credit Card Agreement. 

Customers Obligations

Customers must use the Service responsibly. The Service must not be used for any fraudulent or illegal purpose; to interrupt or damage the Banks services, including this E-Statement Service; or to make them less efficient. E-Statements must not be used for the transmission of any defamatory, racist, blasphemous or obscene message. The Customers must not use the Service to cause inconvenience, offence or disruption to the Bank or any of its staff. 

Force Majeure

The Bank shall not be liable for any failure to perform the obligations described herein due to events beyond their control, including but not limited to failure of the internet system. In such events the Bank shall use their best endeavours to restore the Service as soon as is reasonably possible.


The Bank will take all reasonable care to ensure the security of Credit Card information conveyed through this Service. 


Any breach of these Terms & Conditions by the Customer may, at the Bank's absolute discretion, result in the immediate withdrawal of this Service. 

Modification and Termination of the Service
The Bank reserves the right to modify this Service in any way at its absolute discretion.

The Customers shall be notified in writing in the event of discontinuance of this Service where circumstances reasonably allow. 


All materials (including, without limitation, all designs, texts, graphics and their selection and arrangement) relating to the Service are the copyright of the Bank. No such materials may be copied or reproduced in any form whatsoever, whether physical, electronic or otherwise, without the Bank's express prior written consent. 


Commercial Bank currently do not charge a fee for this service, however the Bank reserves the right to impose any such fees in the future in line with the Bank's prevailing policies. Any such implementation of fees shall be notified to the Customer in advance. 

Anti-Money Laundering

All facilities and services offered by the Bank are subject to all information requested being provided by the Customer in accordance with Qatar Central Bank and Commercial Bank's Anti-Money Laundering regulations. If such information criteria are not met, the Bank is under no obligation to, and has the absolute right to refuse to, offer any facilities and services to the Customer. 

The Bank may, upon the request of the Customer, provide the Customer with a paper copy of the Customer's current Credit Card statement showing the information detailed above in Clause 2(b). This will be free of charge.

These Terms & Conditions shall apply in full and in addition to all other Terms and Conditions applicable to the Customer in connection with the Credit Card facility. The provision of all facilities and services offered by the Bank is subject to the Customer's acceptance of all related Terms and Conditions. Non-acceptance or breach of the Terms & Conditions shall result in the immediate withdrawal of the facilities or services.

By signing the E-Statement service Application, the Customer confirms that all information provided by them is true and accurate and the Customer has read, understood and agrees to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. The Bank may at any time request any additional information as reasonably necessary and the Customer shall timely comply with any such requests.
The Bank expressly reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time, at its absolute discretion. Any such amendments shall be posted on the Banks web-site. The Customer's continued use of the Service shall be deemed to be acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and any amendments made thereto unless written notice is sent by the Customer indicating otherwise, upon which the Service shall be immediately withdrawn from the Customer.
If at any time any provision hereof is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect, neither the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions shall in any way be affected or impaired thereby. 


The E-Statement service Application and these Terms and Conditions are executed in Arabic and English. In the event of any discrepancy between the two texts the Arabic language shall prevail. 

Governing Law

The E-Statement service Application and these Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Qatar and any dispute arising therefrom shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of State of Qatar. ​