Young Bankers 2017

Commercial Bank will be running the 4th edition of its popular in-house summer internship programme, with this year’s theme being “CB Young Banker - Leading change via Digital Channels”.

The internship programme will train your child to develop new business skills in a customer facing environment with the support of the bank’s employees.

We are offering students a great opportunity to gain real life work experience and also earn a stipend during their summer holidays.

Who can apply?

The programme is available for Qatar resident students from the ages of 13 to 17.

When does the programme start?

The programme will start from 2 July till 31 August 2017.

What will I learn in this internship?

This internship will commence with 2 days of training to broaden the participant's scope of their role within the branch.

Participants will receive in-depth understanding of Internet/Mobile Banking and ATM solutions which are now extensively used by customers for their day-to-day banking. In addition, the training will encourage the participants to save and invest their hard-earned money by learning about various Commercial Banks’ savings products.

Following the two days training, the participant will be placed at one of our branches to show all our alternate self-service channels to customers and to educate them on the benefits of these channels, ultimately helping customers to find better and more convenient ways to conduct their bank services.

Are there any incentives?

Yes. The participant will receive a stipend of QAR 2,000 per month of internship subject to completion of the internship summer programme. The amount will be paid pro-rata based on attendance. They will be required to attend a minimum of two weeks of continuous satisfactory attendance to be eligible for payment.

Where will the internship be conducted?

We will notify you for the date and venue of the two days training.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the programme, a certificate will be handed over to your child during the award ceremony.

To apply, please download the form, fill it, and send it to For more details, please call 4449 7588 for any clarification.