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​​What is it? Your day-to-day transactional account. Our Current Account comes with a debit card and a cheque book. Your day-to-day transactional account. It comes with a debit card for use with our ATMs. The day-to-day transactional account granting access to a premier banking experience A daily account specifically designed for people who are new to, or moving to, Qatar. Saving for your child comes with privileges with Commercial Bank Minor Account.
Requirements QAR 4,000 monthly salary​ Click here for more information about VIP banking QAR 35,000 monthly salary QAR 4,000 monthly salary or QAR 10,000 deposit QAR 1,000 deposit
Global ATM Card

SMS Balance and Transaction Updates

Internet and Mobile Banking


Instant Access

Telex Transfers

Cheque Book

Discounts on lifestyle & shopping
Exclusive lounge access
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Online Account Opening
Free Phone & SIM
Free Executive Service to show villas and apartments
Free Airport Pick Up on first arrival to Qatar
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