Laddering Deposit Account

With our Laddering Deposit Account your interest rate goes up every month.

So, the longer you stay, the more money you earn. The Laddering Deposit has a preferential rate of up to 3.95% and is available on deposits of QR 20,000 or more. The Laddering Deposit is available for 12, 18 and 24 month terms.



We offer competitive guaranteed interest rates and can pay interest into your Commercial Bank Current Account, Savings Account or Call Account upon maturity.. ​

  • No penalty will apply if withdrawn after 1 year
  • Interest will not be paid if withdrawn before 6 months
  • 50% of the accrued interest will be penalized if withdrawn after 6 months and before 1 year

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Ways to bank:

Online, mobile, telephone, SMS and in branch.

Please note that this account is no longer being sold by the bank. To view our other high-rated products, please click here

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