Welcome to the future of banking with CB Virtual Credit Card!

CB Virtual Credit Card offers a fully automated, digital-only solution that makes managing your credit easier and more secure than ever before.

With the ability to view your Card number, Expiry Date, and CVV directly on you​r CBQ Mobile App or Retail Internet Banking, managing your card has never been easier. 

You can even tokenize the card for payments using digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Wallet.

How to Apply:

login-icon.png  Log in to CBQ Mobile App or Retail Internet Banking.

services-icon.png  Go to “Services”.

apply-icon.png  Click on "Apply for Virtual Credit Card".

fillinrequire.pngFill in the required details and submit.

How to display your virtual card details:
• Select your virtual card from the home. screen and click on “manage”.
• Click on “Show Card Details”.  
• You can view your full card number, Expiry date , and CVV.
Step into the Future of banking today with CB Virtual Credit Card!