Resolving Transaction Disputes and Declined Transactions

Why did my card decline and what should I do?

There could be many reasons why a card would decline, below are few reasons that will help you determine your plan of action.
  • If you are travelling and making purchases outside the country, please call us and update your travel plan to use your card outside the country and enjoy your holiday as there can be fraud blocks preventing a transaction from being approved

  • If you are using your Credit Card for online transactions, your card could decline due to various preventive measures placed on your card to deter fraud. Kindly call the call centre @ 4449000 to enable your card for use if you receive a decline message

  • Please verify if you have sufficient balance on your card before you make a purchase to avoid  declines at merchant outlets, now you can check your balances through Mobile Banking, Internet banking and the Automated voice response (IVR)

  • The information that you have entered might not match the card information, this could be any information from card number, expiry date, CVV number or name of the card holder. Please verify the information that you are entering before you click on the submit button for any online purchase

  • If you have failed to make your card payments on time your Credit Card might be put on hold, please ensure to make   payments on time and remember to have sufficient balances on your account  if your Credit Card is set up for auto debit on the card payment due date

  • Your Credit Card might have expired, always check for the “valid to" date on the card

  • Some purchases such as hotels and rent a car booking incurs a hold of certain amount on the card, please ensure you have sufficient balance to cover for the booking before you make the transaction

  • If you have reported the card as lost or stolen it is likely that your card is blocked and attempt to make a purchase online may be futile on a blocked card. You can request for a replacement card by logging on to internet banking

  • If your employer has paid your End of Service benefits, it is likely that your credit would be temporarily blocked as most cards are issued against a salary transfer. Kindly provide the new Standard letter from your new employer at the nearest branch to release the hold of your Credit Card


Disputing transactions on your Credit Card statement

Disputes can arise due to various reasons and can be resolved in stipulated time frames.
  • While your withdraw cash , the exact amount may not dispense
  • Issues while depositing cash on your Credit Card
  • Merchants charging you twice for a single purchase
  • Online purchase application timed out , however my Credit Card has been debited
  • The merchant has charged me without my authorization
  • My card has been misused and the transactions are fraudulent


Please call our contact centre @ 4449000 and a customer service representative will be glad to assist you. Kindly note that certain dispute request will require having your card stopped and replaced, our customer service representatives will guide you