Collect your Dividends

Registration to receive your dividends distributed by Commercial Bank in the account automatically:-

Complete and sign the e-Dividend Application Form together with the signature matched via your QID together with the following documents:-​​​
• IBAN Certificate other than Commercial Bank​​
• Photocopy of QID ​

In case where you are the Guardian and want to transfer the Dividends belonging to a Minor to his account, please provide ​​​
• copy of birth certificate
• NIN number for each Minor ​​

​Once completed, send all the ​​​above documents to​

For more information, call us on 4449 5444

The dividends dis​tributed by C​ommercial Bank are:-​
Company Name​​
MPHC - Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company
QNCD - Qatar National Cement Company
QIMD - Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company​​
QATI - Qatar Insurance Company 
QLM - QLM Life & Medical Insurance Company
QOIS - Qatar Oman Investment