Thank you for choosing Commercial Bank for your Funds Transfer services!

When your Funds Transfer requires further information or documents, we will reach out to you either via calls, Emails, SMS or Push Notification. Below are the channels where you can submit additional information or documents required to further process of your transfer. ​

It is important to submit the complete required information or documents via the correct channels to avoid delay in processing your transfer.​

Online Submission via Web

Visit Commercial Bank official website ( Under Convenient Banking, Click FT – RFI Submission.  Follow the online instruction, as you will be required to enter the Case Reference number as provided to you and OTP. Once validated, you can complete the required information or documents.


Visit one of the nearest CB branches and submit the required information/documents.

Please also note several important information.

  • Upon receiving notification from Commercial Bank, you need to submit the required document or information within maximum 2 working days to avoid the transfer being delayed, cancelled or returned.

  • Based on your submission, Commercial Bank will continue the process and pass the information via our Correspondent Bank.
  • If there is a change in the Beneficiary data or the purpose of the payment submitted, Commercial Bank will initiate Amendment process based on the new data provided by you.

  • When the transfer cannot be completed or has to be cancelled and returned, your funds will be refunded at the prevailing exchange rate on the day of the refund after deducting any applicable correspondent bank charges and/or the cancellation fee. The refund amount, therefore, maybe less than the original transfer amount.

  • Commercial Bank will only initiate refund to your account when the funds have been received from the Correspondent Bank. The refund to your account will be done within maximum 2 working days after we receive the fund back.

  • Amendment and cancellation process will incur fees, as per our Tariff of Charges.

For fees information related to payment or funds transfer, click the Tariff of Charges for Retail customers​ or Corporate and Enterprise customers​.