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 Limitless Benefits

FlyMiles is the first comprehensive Credit Card loyalty programme that caters to all your travel needs. It allows you the flexibility to book your flight and hotel from and to anywhere in the world, anytime, with no black-out dates. This unique loyalty programme is part of Commercial Bank's Credit Cards Rewards offering, where for every Qatari Riyal spent on your Commercial Bank Credit Card, you earn Reward Points that can be redeemed for FlyMiles. Apply for Commercial Bank Credit Card to benefit from this exceptional programme. 

Here's how FlyMiles takes you further than any other programme:

Fly Any Airline: Choose freely from over 300 airlines. Including your favourite airlines.

Fly Any Destination: Go anywhere. For instance, you can redeem your FlyMiles for a flight from London to Moscow, while residing in Qatar.

Fly Any Date: You are free to travel any time, any date you want, with no blackout dates or restrictions.

For Anyone: You can give your FlyMiles to anyone, with no restrictions. Use the card to surprise your family by giving them a holiday of a life time.

Earn while you redeem: You can claim ‘air miles’ on any flight purchased with FlyMiles. For example, you can earn Qmiles when using your FlyMiles for a Qatar Airways ticket. Existing customers can start redeeming here.

Easy Online Booking: Book flights online using our booking portal here​.

FlyMiles Refer a Friend: You may refer a friend and fill this referral form.


FlyMiles is specifically designed for the discerning traveler​, making it your ideal travel companion. No matter where you go, you are entitled to privileged treatment and world-class amenities, by using the FlyMiles loyalty programme.

This unique loyalty programme is part of Commercial Bank's Credit Cards Rewards offering, where for every Qatari Riyal spent on your Commercial Bank Credit Card, you earn Reward Points that can be redeemed for FlyMiles.

Start earning Reward Points, redeemable for FlyMiles, every time you use your Commercial Bank Credit Card. The more you use our Credit Cards, the more Reward Points you earn and the quicker you fly to the destination of your choice, and stay at a hotel of your choice..​​

Earning FlyMiles: 1 Commercial Bank Rewards Point = 1 FlyMiles

 Flight FAQ

Can I book tickets for infants on FlyMiles?
Yes, you can book one infant per adult on FlyMiles. As per airline rules, the age of the infant must be below 24 months on the date of travel. Please make sure that you carry valid proof–of–age document at the time of check-in. The infant is not awarded a seat on the flight and they have to travel with the accompanying adult.

What’s an e–ticket? 
An e–ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number that neatly replaces the hassles of a paper ticket. When you purchase an e–ticket, we email it to you within 30 minutes of your booking. Simply print it out and bring it with you – along with a valid photo ID – to the airline counter while checking in for your flight. 

What is the maximum number of seats I can book? 
A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travelers, you will have to re–start the booking process for the additional travelers. 

Can I book a multi–city trip? 
No, you cannot book a multi-city trip as of now. To book a multi-city travel, you need to book individual sectors separately. 

In case I’ve selected 5 passengers (adult + children), why are some airlines missing from the search results? 
Some airlines don’t allow booking more than 4 passengers (adult + children) at one time, and so please try to search for fewer passengers.

I did a search for flight tickets and selected my flight. However, after providing the passenger details, I see that the fares have increased. Why?
The airline fares are dynamic in nature and are based on availability of the seats on the particular flight. Often, there are instances that the seats selected by you may get sold by the time you complete your booking. Therefore, to minimize the chances of booking failures, please check the availability of the seats before you proceed with the payment. If you find that the fare has increased at this step, you have the option of going ahead with the booking or refresh the search. 

How do I know my booking was confirmed?
We’ll send you an SMS and an email to confirm your flight booking. 

Do I need to confirm my flight reservation before I fly? 
No, you don’t. If you really want to, you can contact the airline directly. 

How do I confirm my seat assignments? 
FlyMiles does not do pre–seating. Some airlines will confirm your seat assignments – their rules for doing so vary – so you can call your airline directly to check whether you get to choose your seat. 

How do I get my e–ticket details? 
We’ll send your e–ticket details to the email address provided by you while making your reservation. 

How do I get a boarding pass for an e–ticket? 
You can check-in in three ways. Some of the airlines provide a web check-in facility, where you can select your seat and print your boarding pass online. If you use this facility, you will have to approach the check-in counter to drop your baggage. 

You can also check-in using Tele check-in service provided by some of the airlines. In such cases, you will have to present your ticket and ID proof at the Airline check-in counter for issuance of boarding card and for baggage drop. Alternatively, you can check-in physically at the airport counters of the airline by presenting your ticket and ID proof. 

Do I have to show my e–ticket confirmation email at the airline check–in counter? 
Yes, you do. Some airports don’t allow you to enter without a printout of your e–ticket, so be sure to carry one with you. If you’ve forgotten to carry your e–ticket printout, you can contact the airline ticketing counters at the airport to issue a duplicate itinerary receipt. 

Do you issue paper tickets? 
No, we do not issue paper tickets. 

Do I have to pay anything extra at the airport? 
It depends on the airport you’re flying from. As of now, in Qatar, no taxes or other charges are required to be paid by passengers. At some airports in the world other taxes may be required to be paid by the passengers. 

Is it possible to book tickets for another person through my account? 
Yes, just enter the details of the passengers you want to book for when you’re asked to enter traveler–details at the time of booking. 

How do I make changes to a flight reservation? 
Please contact the call centre 24 hour help line on 4449 5559 or email and we will help you with the changes to your booking. 

 Hotel FAQ

Can more than two adults stay in one room? 
Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in a room for an extra charge as long as the room doesn’t exceed the maximum number of guests allowed per room. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your group, the hotel may cancel your reservation or require that you book additional rooms. If you have doubts, check directly with your hotel if there are extra–guest charges and the maximum number of people allowed in the room you’ve booked. 

Our children will be traveling with us – do they stay for free? 
When making your booking, select the number of children traveling with you from the ‘Children’ drop–down box. If you select just 1 child, our search will give you the price of a double room with child, not including an extra bed. If you want an extra bed in the room, you need to increase the number of passengers in your search. 

What if I need a specific type of hotel room (non–smoking, wheelchair friendly, etc.)? 
Please contact the call centre 4449 5559. Once we know your request, we’ll do our best to get you what you ask for. However, your request is subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel. 

How do I know if my booking was successful? 
We’ll send you an email and SMS confirmation for your hotel booking. 

Do I need to confirm my booking? 
No, you don’t. You can also contact the hotel directly if you prefer. However, it may take up to 12 hours for the booking to reflect at the hotel. 

What if I don’t get a confirmation at the time of booking? 
If a confirmation page doesn’t display once you complete your booking, check your email for a confirmation. If you don’t get an email confirmation within 30 minutes, call our call centre 4449 5559 and we’ll send you your confirmation details. 

I did not get an email confirmation. What do I do? 
If you don’t receive an email after making a reservation, it could be that we have the wrong email address on our records or your Internet Service Provider blocked the email thinking it was spam.  Please check your spam folder. In case of non-receipt, please contact us on 4449 5559 and we shall send you the email. Be sure to convey the following information to the call centre agent: 

  • 1. The name the reservation was booked under 
  • 2. The hotel name and location (city) 
  • 3. The check–in/check–out dates 

How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information? 
The time it takes for a hotel to get your booking information varies by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within 12 hours of the time you made your booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel’s reservation department is closed). Please note that this doesn’t apply to bookings made for the same day. 

What is my hotel’s check–in time? 
Typically, the hotel check–in time is after 14:00 (local time). Check with your specific hotel for its exact check–in time. 

Will the hotel hold my room if I’m arriving late? 
Since your reservation is guaranteed, the hotel is obliged to hold your room until 07:00, the day after your planned arrival date. But please check with details with your specific hotel.

What if I’m going to arrive early? 
If you know you’re going to arrive early at your hotel, call them in advance and check with the hotel if they will be able to accommodate you as it’s subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel. 

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking? 
Log in to your FlyMiles Account with your registered email address and password. Once you successfully login, go to “Manage Bookings” to view all your upcoming and completed trips. 

How do I cancel my hotel booking? 
We recommend that you do not cancel the hotel booking as you will lose your FlyMiles. However, if it is imperative then you can contact us via our call centre on 4449 5559 and we will help you.

What are the cancellation charges on redemption bookings? 
The cancellation charges for redemption bookings depend on the hotel, time of stay (‘season’ time, ‘off–season’ time), and time of cancellation. To know what’s applicable in your case, check the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation (in case you missed it, you can always sign in to your FlyMiles  Account and check it out on your trip summary page). Apart from the cancellation charges levied by the hotel a handling fee may be incurred. 

By when do I need to cancel my hotel booking? 
It depends on your hotel. Please go through the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation (in case you missed it, you can always sign in to your FlyMiles Account and check it out on your Trips summary pages). Please keep in mind that irrespective of what the hotel’s booking policy says you cannot cancel your booking on the day that you’re supposed to check–in. 

How will I get my FlyMiles back after cancelling a hotel booking?
FlyMiles for cancelled bookings are not refunded or credited back into the account. 

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