Just Arrived in Qatar? Moving to Qatar?

Our Expat Bank Account gives you a range of benefits and services to assist with your adjustment to life in Qatar. 


Making life easier for Expats

Commercial Bank specialises in services specifically for Expats to help simplify your transition. Our tailored expat bank account combines premier banking services with concierge amenities to give you:


        • Free mobile phone and SIM
        • Free executive service to find a home
        • Free welcome kit complements of Commercial Bank
        • Free monthly international money transfers
        • Immediate approvals on loan applications
        • Remit money to your new account right away
        • A dedicated Personal Relationship Manager to assist with all of your financial needs

Commercial Bank’s Expat Bank Account benefits

Welcome kit compliments
of Commercial Bank
Free mobile phone & SIM under the Vodafone Red plan

Immediate approvals
on loan applications
Free executive service
to find a home
Free international money
transfers every month
Sadara Privileged Banking
with round-the-clock
priority service

Free exclusive hospitality
offers on arrival
World-Class travel
rewards with FlyMiles

Indian, Filipino &
Egyptian bank partnerships
With Commercial Bank as your financial partner, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice of banking with Qatar’s premier financial institution. Open an account today to get these benefits.

Just Arrived in Qatar? Moving to Qatar?

Frequently asked questions about Commercial Bank’s Expat Bank Account

  1. Is there a cost/fee for opening an account?
    There's no charge or fee associated with opening an account.
  2. What is the minimum balance required to open an account?
    The minimum balance required is QAR 4,000.
  3. If I want to close my account before one year, can I? If yes, how much is the charge?
    Your account can be closed at any time at no cost.
  4. What is the difference between a regular bank account and a New to Qatar Expat Banking Account, and what are the benefits associated with each?
    A New to Qatar Expat Banking Account is for expats who have yet to arrive in Qatar and those who have been in the Qatar less than 3 months. Anyone in Qatar for more than 3 months will automatically qualify for a regular bank account. All qualified New to Qatar Expat Bank Account applicants will receive a welcome kit and all benefits mentioned on this page.


" I arrived Doha in 2011 and I immediately started banking with Commercial Bank. During my first month in Doha, I was completely unaware of which Bank had the best service but I have been delighted with the decision I took on entrusting my finances to Commercial Bank. They prioritise family and treat customers as a family; it is an excellent banking service.

Customer Since 2011