Frequently Asked Questions

​Mobile Security

Are my financial transactions secure?
Yes. There is no personal or financial data is stored on the device itself. Commercial Bank is committed to protecting your privacy. Data is encrypted and transactions are secured using VeriSign Certified Certificates.
What happens if I lose my phone?
As there is no financially sensitive information stored on the phone, nobody will be able to access your accounts without your unique login credentials. It’s important you never store your e-channel user name or password on the phone memory. We also recommend that in the event that your phone is lost or stolen, you change your password, immediately. If you believe your details have been compromised, you can immediately block access to your accounts by using the Emergency Account Block service available within Internet and Mobile Banking application or by calling us on 4449 5095.
What if I'm using a company provided phone or a shared phone?
The service can work with any compatible phone, and whilst there is no sensitive financial data stored on the phone we would recommend that you only use a phone that you have full control over.
What if I have forgotten my log in details?
If this happens, use the Forgot Password service on either Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to reset your account and password.
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