Frequently Asked Questions



Will I be charged for this service?

There are no fees associated with subscribing to Commercial Bank Mobile Banking. However, transaction fees may be charged on certain types of transactions. These transactional fees are the same fees associated with either branch banking and/or internet banking. For further details on these charges please refer to the banks standard charges tariff.

Will I be charged if I download the application?

This depends on your service provider (i.e. Ooredoo or Vodafone). Please check with them regarding these charges. If you are using the application outside the Qatar, there might be roaming charges as well.


I did not use the application but my account was charged.

Please remember to always close the application after each use. It should not be running in the background. It is also possible that there could have been other background applications or services that were accessed/ purchased while you were online. Your account could have been charged then.


Will I be charged to register for this service?

There are currently no fees for registering for Commercial Bank Mobile Banking.