Keep it safe. Keep it contact-less

How to make Contactless Card payments?   Where to pay with Contactless Card?     FAQ
Avoiding contact with other people, keeping a certain distance from each other and practicing good hygiene have become nowadays an integral part of our daily lives. Taking all that into consideration, we want to make sure your banking transactions are safe and seamless. So, we invite you to go contactless while shopping and paying.
Thanks to Commercial Bank’s innovative Tap’n’Pay feature, you can simply use your Debit or Credit card to pay safely. In other words, no need to insert your card nor enter your PIN, just tap it over the POS machine, and you’re done! To protect you even more, we are increasing the contactless payment limit to QAR 300 instead of 100 without the need to enter your PIN.
Pay Simpler
You no longer need to worry about carrying cash or look for change. You can make quick and easy purchases to any amount by simply taping your Card. What's more, you do not require to enter your Card PIN for daily purchases up to amount QAR 300; for more than QAR 300 you need to enter the PIN Code after taping your Card.
Pay Faster
You can now enjoy your everyday shopping with the latest ‘Tap N’ Pay’ technology from Commercial Bank. Our new Debit and Credit Cards have been enabled with a Contactless feature that will offer you fast and exceptional banking experience.
Pay Safer
Our Contactless Cards are enhanced with multiple security layers, which have the same protection as chip & PIN payments, making them safer than carrying cash or paying in cheques.
    How to make Contactless Card Payments      
1. Look
Look for the Contactless symbol at Cashier counter when paying for items.
2. Tap
Tap your Contactless Debit Card or Credit Card against the reader.
3. Confirm
When you hear the beep sound,your transaction is complete.
    Where to pay with Contactless Card      
Your Contactless Card is an ideal and convenient solution instead of carrying cash anywhere for fast payment in coffee shops, fast food chains and supermarkets, especially when you are in a hurry. So make sure you always carry your new Commercial Bank Contactless Card.
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Frequently Asked Questions      

What is a Contactless Card?
A Contactless Card gives you the convenience of paying for your purchases quickly by simply tapping your card on the contactless enabled point of sale (POS) terminal. It is simple, fast and safe.
What do I do if my Contactless Card or device has been lost or stolen?
If you have lost your card or suspect unauthorised activity on your Card, stop using your Contactless Card and immediately contact Commercial Bank on 44490000. You can also block your Card by logging in to your Internet / Mobile Banking.
Do I have to treat my Contactless Card in any special way?
  • - Look for the contactless symbol at the point of sale terminal.
  • - The cashier will enter your purchase amount in to terminal. This amount will be displayed on the contactless reader
  • - Tap your contactless card against the reader, where you see the symbol and when you hear the beep sound your transaction is completed – it’s that simple!
Can I use my Contactless Card for Tap N’ Pay transactions for any amount?
Yes you can. For total daily purchase amounts up to QAR 300 you will not be required to enter a PIN or sign slips. For purchase amounts greater than QAR 300 you will require to put in your Card PIN number. This is for an additional layer of safety.
Can I use my Contactless Card both in Qatar and when travelling abroad?
Yes, your Contactless Card should be accepted both in Qatar & abroad, if the merchant terminal has this symbol and the merchant has enabled it for accepting contactless transactions.
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