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Frequently Asked Questions

​What are the services that I can use with CB Telephone Banking?

You can use CB Telephone Banking Service for your everyday banking, including Card Activation, Card Payments, Account Balance and more.

CB Telephone Banking is now available in a visual mode (Visual Telephone Banking), where you can see the menu and services on your smartphone. It is definitely more convenient, faster, with more functions available. 

When is Telephone Banking available?

Telephone Banking service is available 24/7.

How can I register for Telephone Banking?

Telephone Banking does not require prior registration. You just need to contact our Call Centre and successfully confirm (authenticate) your identity before using our Telephone Banking. 

Do I need to identify and authenticate myself every time I call Commercial Bank?

Yes. For security reason, you will be asked to confirm your identity either by using Voice Biometrics or other mechanism you selected. 

Where can I find the option to speak to an agent?

After you authenticate yourself, there options to either continue with Telephone Banking for various self-services, or connect to the Agent. 

How can I report for lost card/fraud transactions?

You just need to contact our Call Centre and select option to report lost card/suspicious fraud transactions. 

Can I call using international number?

Yes, we will automatically identify international number when you call and prioritize you to speak to us. 

What is Visual Telephone Banking?

Visual Telephone Banking is the visual representation of our Telephone Banking. It gives the ease of navigation as you can see the services menu and enable you to see and conduct your banking activities much more conveniently. 

How can I register for Visual Telephone Banking?

Similar to the standard Telephone Banking, Visual Telephone Banking does not require prior registration. You just need to contact our Call Centre and select the option for Visual Telephone Banking. 

What are the steps required to access Visual Telephone Banking?

Follow following steps to access Visual Telephone Banking:

  1. Contact Call Centre 4449 0000.
  2. Confirm (authenticate) your identity either by using CB Voice Biometrics or other authentication mechanism you selected.
  3. Once your identity is confirmed, you will be offered option for Visual Telephone Banking.
  4. You will receive a notification on your mobile with a one-time secure link. Remember to not share or forward this link.
  5. Click the link and access Visual Telephone Banking.


How can I disconnect Visual Telephone Banking?

Visual Telephone Banking session will be active as long as your call to our Call Centre is active. You can disconnect the call or select to speak to agents to end the Visual Telephone Banking session.

​What are the benefits of Visual Telephone Banking?

  • It is web-based, does not require you to download any application.
  • Visual menu makes navigation easier and quicker.
  • Information is displayed in user-friendly visual layout.
  • More self-services will be available to empower you and better meet your needs. 

    What services are available in Visual Telephone Banking?

    We will continue to enhance our services within Visual Telephone Banking.

    There are some of the services available:
  • Check your account, card, loan information
  • Pay your credit card
  • Perform transfer between your account
  • Change your mobile number or email address
  • Resent your e-statement
  • Check for branch timing and services
  • Check product information and to apply for our products 

    Does Visual Telephone Banking have the option to talk to Agent?

Yes, within Visual Telephone Banking, you can select the headset icon on top, to talk to our agent. Once you are connected to our agent, the Visual Telephone Banking session will be automatically ended.