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Telephone Banking Features & Benefits

Enjoy peace of mind with instant access to your accounts over the phone​.

The automated service is simple to use and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the features to avail through Commercial Bank’s Telephone Banking Serviceare:

What Can I Do with Telephone Banking?


Contact – 4449000​0


Contact – 44490025

Enterprise / Corporate

Contact – 44490000

Know your Account Balance, Credit Card Balance, Loan OutstandingKnow your Paycard BalanceKnow your Account Balance
Check last 5 transactions on account or credit cardCheck last 5 transactions on your PaycardCheck last 5 transactions on accounts
Get your IBAN through SMSBlock your cards 
Funds transfer within your accounts  
Know your last salary credit  
Debit Card activation  
Credit Card Activation   
Pay your credit card bills  
Block your cards  
Update your Travel Plan  ​

Note: Based on review, Telephone Banking services may change without prior communication.

Telephone Banking is easy and convenient

  • International call prioritization – International calls are automatically identified and prioritized in the queue.
  • Dynamic Card activation – IVR provides instant card activation menu if you have any cards pending activation.
  • IBAN SMS: Receive your IBAN number via SMS through Telephone Banking.