Al’an Account

Our Al’an Account is a 12-month time deposit account that pays your interest upfront!

Earn an attractive interest rate of 1.75% and each quarter throughout your deposit’s tenor, we will pay you your interest upfront! What’s more is that you’ll get the interest in your Current or Savings Account for you to spend or reinvest at your pleasure!


Who’s eligible?

To apply, you need to be Privilege Banking eligible, already hold a Current or Savings Account and hold, or be applying for, a Residence Permit. ​


There are no fees for opening an Al’an Account.

Currency options:

Only available in Qatar Riyals.

Ways to bank:

You can bank by phone, SMS, mobile, ATMs and in-branch.

New to Qatar Account Application

Take advantage of best in class offer and we will help you get set up.

Full Name (as in passport)
Current Situation:

US Taxpayer Identification number:
Country of Birth
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Passport Number
Email Address
Primary Account Purpose

Income Source

Expected Monthly Deposits

Name to be displayed on debit card
Have you arrived in Qatar?

I accept terms, conditions and declaration

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Sadara premium locations

  • Commercial Bank Plaza
  • Grand Hamad branch
  • Airport (Al-Hilal) Branch
  • D-Ring CB Premium Lounge ​
  • Umm Lakhba
  • Al Wakra
  • Vendome Mall CB Premium Lounge ​