Our perspective


At Commercial Bank, we pride ourselves on our history in the region and our strong 

international business network.

As Qatar’s largest private bank, we have a strong domestic franchise and risk management culture.

Why Commercial Bank?

  • Strong support from government
  • Benefits from resilient Qatari economy
  • Regional alliance and GCC footprint
  • Profitable growth for 37 years
  • Qatar's largest private bank
  • Largest issuer of debit and credit cards in Qatar
​​Our robust financial profile, our dynamic and experienced management as well as our stable growth and profitability, mean that when you bank with us you're in safe hands. This is further indicated by our prime investment grade credit ratings and superior capital position. 

Focussed marketing and infrastructure

Our focus​sed marketing and major infrastructure investment has created strong brand equity, which means that we are well positioned to capture private sector corporate business and other forms of retail business. 

International partnerships

Commercial Bank and Hana Bank, a leading commercial bank in South Korea, have a strategic partnership agreement with a unique Korea Desk set up in Doha. We have a presence in the UAE and Oman through our associate banks, the National Bank of Oman and the United Arab Bank.

Robust profile

Our robust and diversified financial profile is indicated by many successes, including strong liquidity and capital adequacy shown by a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 17.7%. 

Balanced portfolio

Our balanced portfolio of high-quality, sector-diversified loans has historically generated strong risk-adjusted returns.

Strong credit and risk culture

Our strong credit and risk culture has supported the growth of the Bank’s loan portfolio that has contributed to maintaining low levels of non-performing loans. 

Diversified funding

We also maintain a diversified funding and large investor base through Global Depository Receipt and  Euro Medium Term Note programme listings in London, as well as Swiss Franc bond issuance in Switzerland.

Government relationship

Our relationship with the Government also sets us apart. The Qatar Investment Authority invested 16.7% in Commercial Bank in 2008, and our largest depositors continue to be Government related entities.

Dedicated management

Commercial Bank has a committed executive management team with major domestic and international banking expertise. A CEO who has been with Commercial Bank for over 24 years heads our prominent and influential board of directors.​​​​​​​​​


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