Qatar - a growing economy

​​​​Start working in Qatar and reap the rewards of doing business in one of the fastest-growing financial centres in the world​.


  • High government spend on development
  • World’s largest producer of liquefied natural gas
  • Rapid growth in services, utilities and industry
  • Host of World Cup 2022
  • Large expatriate population

Established in 1975, Commercial Bank is Qatar’s first private bank. Since then we have grown with Qatar and believe that we reflect the nation’s values and drive to continually improve and innovate.  

We are proud to be based in one of the most dynamic areas of business growth in the world. Our experience and understanding of Qatari business culture is one of our strongest assets and ensures that we are able to deliver the products and services Qatar-based businesses need.

Dynamic business centre

Qatar is one of the fastest-growing business centres in the world. With a population of 1.8 million people, of which 87% are expatriates, it is a global leader in liquefied ​natural gas exports, with 77 million tons of LNG output per year. It has the third largest proven gas reserves in the world, which represents 14% of the world’s total, and large oil reserves of 25.4 billion barrels.

Natural gas

The strong growth in hydrocarbon production is driven by high crude and gas prices. Qatar also benefits from continually increasing and diversifying energy exports. The demand for natural gas is expected to quadruple between now and 2020 to boost the overall economy.

Qatar Investment Authority

Qatar also received high government spending on development programmes in education, health, infrastructure and real estate. The Qatar Investment Authority is now a major sovereign investor on the world market. Qatar also seeks to stimulate the private sector and develop a knowledge-based economy. 

Other growth

The State of Qatar encourages private sector growth and the non-hydrocarbon economy through privatisation, outsourcing of public services and development of industrial zones. Qatar is also experiencing growth in the service, utilities, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

This combination of elements means that doing business in Qatar is a stepping-stone for your business to enjoy a prosperous future.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Business solutions

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