Products & Services

Corporate advisory services
  • We are able to provide advisory services on term financing structures, working capital management, interest rate & foreign exchange hedging, liquidity management, bulk transaction automation, structured trade finance etc

Project finance
  • We have led and participated in financing of various developmental and infrastructure projects in Qatar from power plants, oil & gas, shipping & ports, downstream chemical industries, aircraft acquisition, shopping malls, hotels & tourism infrastructure etc

Syndicated debt finance & club deals
  • We have the expertise to take a lead in organizing term debt through syndicated multi bank structures or Club Deals along with our Partner banks
  • We are also able to participate in Syndicated debt finance

Working Capital finance
  • Structured trade finance
    • We are able to help structure and provide financing solutions for merchant trade, back to bank LCs, Transferable LCs to ease your trade requirements
  • Import, export & receivable financing
    • We offer the full suite of import and export solutions including LCs, collections, LC negotiations, export bill discounting etc
  • Receivable financing
    • Discounting of local trade receivables to ease your cash flows. This can be with or without recourse
  • Guarantees
    • We offer bonds for all your needs – tenders, performance, advance payments, financial guarantees etc
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Account services & Cash management
  • Fixed Deposits to invest your surplus
  • Transaction banking to manage your collections and payments more efficiently
  • Electronic banking with ERP integrations
  • Bulk payments automation services
  • Vendor payments via our internet banking platform
  • Dividend management for listed companies
  • Corporate Credit & Debit cards
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Credit Card Merchant service
  • We are a market leader in credit card services
  • We offer Point of Sale machines for credit card / debit card transactions
  • Online Payment Gateways to enable your customers to make credit / debit card payments on your website
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Treasury services
  • Foreign exchange
  • Customized Solutions for hedging foreign exchange and Interest rate risk
  • Structured investment solutions
  • Fixed Income -Local and International Bonds
  • Repos and reverse repo
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Banking at Work
  • We have a dedicated team to handle employee banking of select large corporate clients
  • We offer special rates to the employees of our select corporate clients for retail banking products and services
  • Offer is customized for each select corporate

  • We offer insurance services to cover all your requirements including property, marine, engineering, liability, employee benefit etc via our exclusive tieup
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