Financial Institutions

​​​The Financial Institutions team at Commercial Bank acts as a focal point for managing and developing business relationships with banks globally

As Qatar's 2nd largest Private Bank,​ we are the preferred local partner for foreign banks.

With an established global network of banking partners, we have arrangements designed to support corporate and retail clients worldwide.

Our strong branch network, supported by a team of specialized corporate, trade finance and treasury banking professionals, offers the highest service standards, which sets us apart in terms of specialist support for Financial Institutions.​


What we offer

  • Trade services: letters of credit, letters of guarantee, documentary collectons
  • Payment services: fund transfers (commercial and treasury payments), demand drafts, bankers cheques
  • Bilateral and syndicated loans
  • Foreign exchange and money market placements
  • Vostro accounts
  • Nostro accounts
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Business solutions

    Meeza offers you the following cloud based services:
  • Payroll
  • Email
  • Document storage
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