CB VPOS by The Commercial Bank of Qatar (P.S.Q.C), is a payment acceptance solution, which will allow businesses to accept card payments via their NFC-enabled Android mobile phones or tablet.

CB VPOS allows businesses to accept payments from any contactless card or mobile wallet right from their NFC-enabled Android device. With no extra hardware required, businesses can now take advantage of this on-the-go solution to enable quick and convenient payment options.

CB VPOS accepts contactless or wallet-based payments.

Please contact our Merchant Helpdesk at +974 44497590 or email us at for more info.

VISA, MasterCard Credit & Debit Cards

a) Payment Acceptance
b) Void Transaction
c) Daily Settlement
d) Transaction History
e) Batch details

Yes, in order to avail CB VPOS services, it is required to open a Current account with the Commercial Bank of Qatar (P.S.Q.C)

CB VPOS can only be used within The State of Qatar.

You are eligible for CB VPOS if you already have an existing Current account with The Commercial Bank of Qatar (P.S.Q.C) or if your business is a legal entity registered within The State of Qatar under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. However, all CB VPOS applications will be individually reviewed and approved at the Bank’s discretion. ​