In our aim to make Audit Confirmation Requests hassle-free, we have introduced a new feature on Corporate Internet Banking to process the below requests instantly and electronically:

•   Balance Confirmation (account and credit card balance confirmation)
•   Authorized Signatory Confirmation 

To process the above requests, please follow the below simple steps:

1)   Log in to CIB and click on the “Requests” menu, select “Audit Confirmation Request”.
2) Click on the “New Request” button and fill the form.
3) In the “Date to Report” field, select the actual date for which the balance is to be reported.
4) Submit the request for approval as per workflow approval matrix.
5) Upon successful processing of the request, an email will be triggered to the Auditor/Auditing Company’s email address provided in the request.

A copy of the generated letter can be downloaded from CIB. This can be done on the Audit Request Confirmation page.

It’s that simple! Now, all our corporate customers can benefit from this feature to save their time and effort. 

For more information, please write to us via secure mail on CIB.