Card Payment Processing


You can feel secure in the knowledge that our high quality payment processing service is specifically designed to reduce risk.


Commercial Bank is Qatar’s largest acquirer and processor of plastic card transactions, and a recognised industry leader. We’re the first and only payment platform in Qatar to have been awarded the coveted PCI Security certificate.​



  • Flexible, easy-to-use platform
  • Reduces fraud risk
  • Protects customer data
  • PCI Security-certified

How does it work?

We process debit and credit card transactions made by customers buying goods and services using electronic machines at any outlet belonging to our merchant base. 

Will I receive a statement?

Our merchants receive either weekly or monthly statements detailing the number and value of card transactions we have processed for them. ​The statement also details the merchant service charge due for each transaction, which the merchant settles when we make payment. 

How is the merchant shipping cost calculated?

The merchant service charge is negotiated between the merchant and Commercial Bank merchant acquisition, taking into account factors including the volume of transactions, type of business and type of processing.​ ​​



Business solutions

    Meeza offers you the following cloud based services:
  • Payroll
  • Email
  • Document storage
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