Corporate Premium Services

At Commercial Bank, we understand the demands of the modern business world and strive to deliver bespoke support for large private sector companies.



  • Door-to-door pick-ups and drop-offs
  • In-branch transactions
  • Dedicated premium services counter
 Door-to-door banking
Commercial Bank's Corporate Premium Services have been designed specifically to support large private sector companies. The door-to-door banking concept offers scheduled pick-ups, drop-offs and in-branch transactions – all tailored to your needs. 
Document delivery and pick-up 

Our daily courier service at a time pre-agreed with you means that we are able to take care of all kinds of transactions on your behalf, including letter of credit applications, guarantee applications, demand draft and fund transfer requests and cheque deposits.

All of the transactions are taken care of by our specially trained staff at our corporate branches, conveniently located in our business centres.

 Cash delivery and pick-up

This service takes care of cash deposits and withdrawals, which are picked ​up and delivered straight to your doorstep in sealed containers to ensure maximum security. This service is available within and outside regular working hours.

Document preparation


This unique service is available for corporate customers when they have to prepare complicated documentation covering import and export transactions. A trade expert will visit your office to assist you as you prepare documents. We also provide channel financing and receivable discount services to support you as you continue to develop.​​​ ​



Business solutions

    Meeza offers you the following cloud based services:
  • Payroll
  • Email
  • Document storage
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