Value Added Services

​​​​0% Instalment Plan (Buy Now Pay Later)

Running your own business has its own challenges and Commercial Bank has designed its products to be as customer-friendly as possible and with this in mind, our merchants who have POS terminals can easily accept credit and debit cards. Further, our 0% Instalment Plan Facility will be beneficial to you when your business is up and running, as you know Commercial Bank will be there to provide all the support you need to keep it flourishing without the undue pressure of financial concerns.
Commercial Bank Credit Cardholders are offered special terms to settle transactions on purchases of goods and services by instalments, using credit cards. The facility is available to them as 3, 6, 9 and 12 month instalment plans. The transaction is thus divided into instalments and the cardholder has the option of repaying on an instalment basis.
Contact our nearest Commercial Bank branch or our call centre on 4449 0000 and we will be delighted to help you with more information.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enhances customer comfort and loyalty by enabling them to make payments in the currency of their choice-without hidden charges or fees. The flexibility of the DCC service eliminates confusion over conversion rates and help merchants offer their international customers a higher service level, often resulting in increased customer loyalty and repeat business and revenue.  
Businesses earn more through transaction fees, while at the same time offering a valuable service for international customers by enabling them to transact business in manner in which they are secure and comfortable.
Merchant benefits
Cardholder benefits

There are no extra fees for having
DCC functionality on your terminal

Instant conversion to a familiar currency

​The terminal determines if the card
is eligible for DCC and also
calculates the home currency

​Competitive exchange rates
​Commercial Bank DCC can
generate a new revenue stream
for you-paid monthly in arrears

​Customer know exactly what they are paying at the time of purchase allowing them to budget effectively
​Commercial Bank DCC allows you
to offer a value added service to your international customers

​No surprises when the card statement arrives
​No foreign exchange risk to you

​Value added service at the point of sale
​Management reports to maximise your revenue potential ​Simplifies expense account claims for business travellers
​​​​ ​​