e-Payment Gateway

​​​​Commercial Bank enables merchants to accept internet payments through Diners, Discover, Visa and MasterCard in an online environment. It provides 128 bit SSL encryption, with real time authorisation and capture of transactions. The gateway can process both domestic and international card transactions. For efficient and effective management, we provide the “Merchant Administration Module” with functions that allows for management of transactions, operators and other related tasks.
The payment gateway platform is a versatile, robust and scalable infrastructure designed to carry a large volume of transaction volume. This payment platform is designed to support a variety of channels and payment instruments and is designed to be scalable to accept any new channels or instruments that may roll out.

Commercial Bank has introduced an additional feature for payment authentication and security that adds extra level of protection for both consumers and merchants. This new feature, 3-D Secure is a credit card authorisation program, implemented by Visa and MasterCard, to reduce/combat fraudulent purchases by verifying purchaser’s identity during online transactions. The benefits of implementing 3-D Secure include reduction in disputed transactions /charge backs and the associated financial liabilities.

The payment gateway service offers customers a comprehensive payment collection solution. This easy and quick-start package provides a merchant/business with all the components required to start accepting payments using credit card, debit cards, and other customized payment instruments.


  • Secure credit card payment facility
  • Easily integrated to numerous platforms
  • Processes major card brands
  • Single Point of Certification
  • VBV and MasterCard Secure-code
  • Reduction in the number of charge-backs
  • Reduction in the number of fraudulent transactions
  • Quick and easy to incorporate into any e-commerce card processing system
  • Increase in potential sales volume through increased consumer confidence in making online purchases
  • Added protection against any online fraud
  • Compliant to Payments Industry standards and mandates

Integrated Credit/Debit Card Payment Solutions

This credit and debit card acceptance solution is typically installed in medium to large retail stores, where the process of taking credit and debit card payments is integrated with the merchants own point of sale system, rather than using point of sale credit card terminals. If you need this capability, we can provide assistance. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.
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