​​You can now enjoy all the benefits of your Commercial Bank Cards with Google Pay.

Using Google Pay is simple, and it works with Android and Wear OS devices 

Main features:

Easy to set-up

Using any Android device running on Lollipop 5.0 or higher, first download the Google Wallet App, then simply open the Google Wallet App, tap +, and follow the steps to add Commercial Bank’s Credit or Debit Card. Once a card is successfully added, you can start using Google Pay on that device right away.


Simply add your Commercial Bank Credit or Debit Card into the Google Pay Wallet and hold your device near the payment terminal to make a contactless payment in just a few seconds. Google Pay is accepted in grocery stores, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and many more places.

Simple and safe 

Every Google Pay purchase is secure as it is authenticated with Face ID, Touch ID, or device passcode.

How to add a card:

In order to set up Google Pay and avail of this service, customers must first download the Google Wallet App from Google Play Store. 

Google Wallet is a digital wallet application, which stores cards for Google Pay, as well as loyalty cards, boarding passes, and more.

To download the Google Pay App, follow the simple steps below:

•  Download the Google Pay App from Google Play Store.
•  Follow the setup instructions.
•  Add your Credit or Debit Card details.
•  Verify your card by entering your One-Time Password (OTP).
•  You’re all set to use Google Pay!

How to pay:

Use Google Pay to pay in stores, in Apps, and online with your Android and Wear OS device. 

Google Pay is also a safer and faster way to pay online and in Apps because you no longer have to create an account or fill out lengthy forms.

Use Google Pay whenever you see one of the below symbols:

googlepay-cbq.png       googlepaycbq.png

*Terms and conditions apply.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Your card can be activated using our digital channels.

Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment platform from Google which allows you to make secure in-store (contactless purchases) with Android devices, in-app and e-Commerce purchases anywhere Google Pay is accepted using your CB Debit and Credit cards.

Google Pay uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to make contactless mobile payments with your Android devices at POS terminals. This ensures that Google Pay will work everywhere contactless payment are accepted. The technology enables devices in close proximity to communicate and transmit tokenized payment card information from your phone to a contactless payment terminal without sending your actual card information and without any direct physical contact.

When using Google Pay for In-App / e- Commerce purchases, uses “Tokenization” technology to hide all details of your card from being shared with the merchant online, only a one-time encrypted token will be used to authorize your transaction online.

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables devices in close proximity to communicate without any physical contact. Payment transactions using NFC technology can be completed by simply waving the NFC enabled device on contactless terminals

Google Pay protects your payment info with multiple layers of security, using one of the world's most advanced security infrastructures to help keep your information safe. When you use your phone to pay in stores, Google Pay doesn't send your actual credit or debit card number with your payment. Instead, a virtual account number is used to represent your information - so your card details stay safe.

Google Pay may be preloaded on select devices. If your device does not have the app, simply download it from Google Play. Google Pay requires that you sign-into your Google account before you register your CB Debit and Credit cards. During setup of Google Pay, you will be prompted to create a Google Pay PIN, pattern, or password. For selected devices running Google Marshmallow 6.0 or later / higher, you may use your fingerprint to verify transactions.

All Android devices with Android Lollipop 5.0 and above are NFC enabled. You can additionally check for the NFC tab under your phone's Settings Menu.

Yes. Google Pay can be used for online/e-commerce payments (via apps and Google Pay on web). Anywhere Google Pay is accepted using your CB Debit and Credit cards.

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately on +974 4449 5095. Your physical card will be blocked and a new card will be sent to you. Since the payment cards on Google Pay are digital versions of your physical payment cards, you need to remove the original payment card from Google Pay and register the replacement card.

No. Google Pay does not have access to your bank accounts.

It's simple to add your Card to your compatible Android device :

Android device :

  • • Open the Google Pay app on your device and tap the "+" sign. (If you do not have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store.)
  • • Add your Card manually by entering your Card information or taking a picture of your Card
  • • Verify or enter the additional information such as Cardholder Name, Expiration Date and Security Code (CVV)
  • • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for adding a card to a digital wallet by touching AGREE TO ALL.
  • • Enter the OTP (One Time Password) received and touch SUBMIT
  • • Once complete, your card is ready for use in Google Pay

You can use your Android device to make contactless payments with Google Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted. Just look for the contactless and/or Google Pay symbol at checkout and be sure that NFC is turned on your device.

To make a purchase, wake up the device and hold it near the contactless reader until your device beeps or vibrates and a checkmark appears on the screen indicating your purchase is complete. You may be prompted to unlock the device first by providing your PIN, passcode, pattern or fingerprint.

The first card added in Google Pay would be the default card for payment. It will show as the first card in the list at the top of the screen. To change your default card:

  • • Open Google Pay
  • • On the lower right, tap Cards
  • • Tap the card you want to make your default card
  • • Tap Set as default
  • You can also open the Google Pay app, swipe left at the top to find the card you want to make default, then tap Pay with this card.

You would need an internet connection to add cards / disable cards from Google Pay and to check card available balance / limit. To make Google Pay transactions, you do not need to have a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. Please note that Google Pay may require you to periodically login to the app and connect to the internet with your device to keep the app active.

All Visa and Mastercard – CB Credit and CB Debit cards issued for retail customers are available for Google Pay.

The first card you add to Google Pay becomes your default payment card and will remain so unless you change it. To change your default card, or to make a payment using another card, drag the desired card to the front of the wallet.

Using CB cards with Google Pay is secure. There are number of security features Google Pay transactions have. Some of them:

• Google Pay is safer than using a traditional credit or debit card. Every transaction Google Pay requires you to authenticate with your fingerprint or your passcode.

• Your card number and identity aren't shared with the merchant, and your actual card numbers aren't stored on your device - instead a unique Token number is used.

• All transactions are monitored by CB's risk and fraud detection systems.

• If your phone is lost or stolen, you can go to Find My Device to suspend or permanently remove the ability to pay from your device with Google Pay. Alternatively you can call us and delete the card from your lost/stolen phone. Your physical card can still be used.

No additional charge is applied when using Google Pay. The usual credit or debit charges apply to purchases and some retailers may apply a Debit or Credit card surcharge to purchases made using any payment method, contactless or chip and PIN transactions.

Google Pay requires an active data plan or Wi-fi connection to add your card to Google Pay. Based upon your mobile plan and network, additional message and/or data charges may apply

After completing a payment using Google Pay, payment confirmation will be displayed on your mobile screen. Additionally, you will continue to receive transaction alerts through SMS on your registered mobile number.

You will receive an immediate notification after each transaction made using Google Pay. When you open the card in the Wallet, you will only see the latest transaction made. When you navigate to the transaction tab (tap on your card in the Wallet to display) you will see your last 10 transactions. You will be able to see all transactions through the respective card statement in the Mobile Banking app.

You can continue to use Google Pay till your card expiry date. Once you receive and activate your renewed card, you will need to add it into Google Pay.

Your Google Pay transaction will be declined if your card is blocked or suspended.

If your old card was blocked when you placed a request for replacement, you will need to activate and add your new card to continue using Google Pay.

All data on your phone should be deleted before selling/giving away your device. You should also delete all cards you have added to Google Pay. You should also remove your card if you temporarily provide your device to someone else; for example if you need it repaired. If you replace or update your device, you will need to add your card(s) to Google Pay again

Call our Contact Centre on +974 4449 5095 to block the card and you should also remove the lost or stolen card from the Google Pay Wallet by accessing Google Pay Wallet settings and deactivating it from there.

Removing cards from Google Pay will have no effect on your physical cards. You can continue to use your physical cards as you normally would. You can add your credit and debit cards back into Google Pay at any time.

Yes, you can configure and use Google Pay on multiple devices. – All using Android system

  • • Open Google Pay
  • • At the bottom right, tap Cards
  • • Tap the card you want to remove
  • • Scroll down, then tap Remove Card
  • The card image may not be an exact match. Keep in mind this doesn't affect how your cards work with Google Pay.

    There could be a number of reasons for this:

    • • There may be insufficient funds or credit limit available to make the transaction
    • • The merchant does not accept Contactless payments. Not all retailers accept Contactless payments yet. Please use another payment method such as your debit or credit card with Chip and PIN authorization.
    • • If you do any of the following on your device, all cards in the Wallet will be deleted:
      • o Sign out of Google Account
      • o Remove Passcode/Fingerprint
      • o Formatting the device

    At launch, people will be able to save and access payment cards, loyalty cards and boarding passes, and we’ll be adding support for additional items over time.

    Google Pay is the safe way to pay and make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web.

    Google Wallet is the place where you store your credit or debit cards so you can use them with Google Pay, as well as loyalty cards, boarding passes, and other items.​

    Google’s Wallet will be easy to access and comprehensive in the use cases it supports, while also supporting seamless cross-Google app experiences and meeting our high security standards.
    Easy to access - Get to all your stuff quickly on your phone. Users expect to be able to digitize their physical wallet, from payments and loyalty to tickets. Google Wallet is a redesigned digital wallet for Android that provides fast, secure access to everyday essentials.
    Comprehensive - Google Wallet covers the use cases users care about. Users will have the convenience of leaving their physical wallets at home, and still be able to access payment cards and more from their Android phone.
    Safe and secure - Google Wallet is safer than plastic cards. Real card numbers are never shared
    keeping users protected. Google Wallet reduces fraud, requiring a fingerprint, face, or pin to pay.

    Google Wallet will be available on Fitbit in South Africa, Qatar and Iceland in the coming months.

    Users with a supported non-Samsung Wear device will see the Wallet app on their device after a Play Store update (which should be automatic); those with Samsung devices will be able to install Wallet from the Play Store.

    Google Wallet is available to users on any Android phone running Android 5.2 or later.

    When you use Google Wallet, your cards and your transactions are saved in your Google Account. You can change what is kept and manage your privacy settings at any time. More details here.

    Google Wallet uses tokens, a type of temporary alias for your actual account number, to help keep your account information safe. This token is created when you add a card to the Google Pay app or your Mobile banking app. When you make contactless payments, your tokenized account number is shared with the merchant instead of your actual account number.

    We require a screen lock. In most countries you can make small payments with a locked device, but for larger payments or multiple small payments, we require you to unlock your phone. This helps prevent fraud if your phone is lost or stolen.

    Your Google Account comes with built-in security designed to detect and block threats like spam, malware, and viruses. With this built-in security, the Google Wallet data that’s stored in your Google Account is better protected from unauthorized access.

    • Security and privacy are built into every part of Google Wallet.
    • We do not sell your information to third parties.
    • We do not share your transaction history across Google for ads targeting.
    • You have choice, control and transparency when it comes to your privacy.
    • We are providing granular settings for you to create a privacy experience that works for you. ​