Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking

1. What are the main benefits of Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking offers you convenient, fast and easy access to your banking and financial services. It means you no longer need to visit a branch for your day to day banking and can simply complete this at a time and place that suits you.  It gives you immediate access to your finances offering a safe and convenient personalized banking. It will work with any telecoms provider both locally and internationally.

2. What can I do through Commercial Bank mobile banking?

You can:

  • Check all your bank accounts & view all transactions in detail
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • Pay your Kahramaa bills
  • Create new beneficiaries to transfer to and perform both local and international transfers
  • Pay your Ooredoo bills online
  • Top-up and buy Ooredoo prepaid vouchers online
  • Request for cash advances from your credit card
  • Pay other bills for schools, clubs, insurance etc
  • Activate, block and replace your credit or debit card
  • Order your  cheque book
  • Set up the app with your preferred language (Arabic or English)


3. Who is eligible for this service?
All Commercial Bank accounts holders with a valid mobile number are eligible for Mobile Banking.  Commercial Bank Mobile Banking currently supports iPhone (iOS version 5 and above), Android, BlackBerry (6 and above) and Windows.
4. How do I login to Mobile Banking?
It’s simple! You can now log into Mobile Banking using the same user name and password you currently use for Internet Banking. If you are currently using your Mobile number and MPIN, please download the latest Mobile Banking app from the respective store and login using your Internet Banking credentials. If you are not registered to Internet Banking at this time, simply use your mobile number and MPIN to log in and select your username and password.
5. What if I am an Internet Banking user already? Can I just log in using these details?
Yes, download the latest Commercial Bank Mobile Banking app to your smartphone from the respective stores and use your existing Internet Banking credentials for login.
6. Will I be charged for this service?
No, this service is free for our customers.
7. Can I use the service anytime and anywhere?
Commercial Bank Mobile Banking has been designed to give you secure access to your banking and financial information instantly from anywhere in the world provided your phone is compatible and has access to the internet.
8. Is Commercial Bank Mobile Banking secure?
Yes. There is no personal or financial data is stored on the device itself. Commercial Bank is committed to protecting your privacy. Data is encrypted and transactions are secured using VeriSign Certified Certificates.
9. Do I need internet to access Mobile Banking?
Yes, your device should be connected to the internet via Wifi or Mobile Data Service