In line with global banking regulations, we are required to ensure customers’ records are up to date. This is referred to by all banks as Know Your Customer (KYC).


How can you update your customer information records?


1. Prepare a copy of your valid Passport and current QID

2. Click here to update your pers​onal record


If you are unable to update through the above, you may follow the below steps:


     A. Download the below forms:

             •  Customer Information Update Form

             •  Customer Enhanced Information Form​

     B. Complete, sign and submit the said forms as follows:


a. Log in to Personal Internet Banking.

b. Click on  “My Tools” Tab.

c. Click on Write to us.

d. Under Subject type select OCDD Submission.

e. Attach the completed forms and copies of Passport and QID and submit.


The above steps are required to be completed as soon as you receive a notification from the bank asking you to update your information. Failing to do so will cause disruption or restrictions to service on your account.


If you hold a Joint account, both account holders are required to submit this information for the account information to be considered up to date. In case of accounts held by those below the age of 18 years old, both the Minor and their Guardian need to complete and submit the requested documents and forms.

For any further information, please do call our 24 Hour Customer Contact Centre Help line on 44490000​