Commercial Bank has introduced CBsafe ID, an additional security feature on their CBQ Mobile App.

Commercial Bank is the first Bank in Qatar to offer this service, providing a unique method to protect you from fraudulent calls.

Using the CBQ Mobile App, you will be able to identify legitimate calls from the Bank, ensure caller authenticity and reduce the chances of fraudsters gaining access to your information.

Fraudsters are constantly looking for ways to gain your trust and access your accounts. Knowing what to look for can help identify fraud while protecting your accounts.




  • If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Commercial Bank, you will be able to verify the authenticity of the caller using CBQ Mobile App.
  • Before speaking to the agent, you have to follow the below steps:
    1. You will receive a Push Notification followed by a dynamic 6- digit CBsafe ID number on your CBQ Mobile App. Open your CBQ Mobile App to view the dynamic CBsafe ID number displayed on your login page.

      (Please note that you don’t need to login to CBQ Mobile App).

    2. Request the caller to tell you, the CBsafe ID number.
    3. You must not tell them the CBsafe ID number at any time.
    4. You should DISCONNECT the call if the CBsafe ID provided by the caller does not match the CBsafe ID displayed on your CBQ Mobile App login page.
    5. Proceed with the discussion ONLY if the caller gives you the correct CBsafe ID number.


CBsafe ID can be regenerated and refreshed as it is different each time.

Always remember NOT to share any One Time Passwords (OTP), Card PIN, Username or Password with anyone.

Please download the latest version to use CBsafe ID.​