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Our expertise in investments means you can make the right choices and get the outcome you expect.

We can help you identify and choose from a range of investment profiles that reflect your investment horizon.

Mutual Funds

Regardless of your risk appetite, our Mutual Funds offer a quick and efficient way to diversify your investments locally or internationally. We can give you access to global markets through our professionally managed Mutual Funds.​ You can start your investment portfolio from as little as USD 2,500. Terms and conditions apply.

Benefits and features

  • Professionally managed
  • Access to worldwide markets
  • Liquidity – extract funds when you need
  • Diversification
  • Higher efficiencies through economies of scale

Structured Products

Structured Products can be used as a flexible alternative to the traditional asset classes, such as: Equities, bonds and money market instruments to grow wealth. ​​They are typically structured to offer capital protection on maturity as well as cash flows and potential capital appreciation. It is usually offered on a closed-ended basis, where it is made available for a limited period only.  

Benefits and features

  • Potential to earn higher returns than time deposits
  • Capital protected options
  • Access to specialty asset classes


At Commercial Bank, we offer a choice of Qatari bonds and international bonds – and you can start investing with USD 30,000. ​ 

Benefits and features

  • Regular coupon
  • Potential capital appreciation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Capital protection

International Investment Plan
Commercial Bank’s innovative International Investment Plan has been designed to save the investor a fixed amount of money regularly on a monthly basis. This means you get the best returns for your investment. 

Benefits and features

  • Dollar cost averaging approach
  • Affordable monthly instalments
  • Access to worldwide markets
  • Insurance coverage up to QAR 1,200,000
  • Free switching between asset classes
  • Diversification

International Share Trading

With our international share trading platform and trading desk, you’ll receive all the support that you need to trade across major markets both in the GCC and internationally.​

Benefits and features

  • Competitive commission rates
  • Industry research leaders
  • Latest trading technology
  • Access to major international stock markets

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Asset Management

Commercial Bank offers structured product solutions for your unique investment needs. ​​Products are typically structured to offer capital protection on maturity, as well as on cash flows and potential capital appreciation.​

Benefits and features

  • Structured investment products
  • Long-term advisory relationships
  • Customised solutions

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