Drive away in your dream car with an incredibly low rate of 5.00% reducing (equivalent to 2.70% flat) on a car loan


Apply now and you'll enjoy:



Rates starting from 2.70% flat (equivalent to 5.00%  reducing) for Qataris and from 2.83% flat (equivalent to 5.25% reducing) for Expats*


Nothing to pay for up to 3 months



Flexible repayment tenors of up to 72 months for Qataris and 48 months for expatriates


Same day approvals


Terms & Conditions Applies

- Key documents required to apply for a loan  

  • - Valid Qatar ID card
  • - Valid Passport (expatriates)
  • - Salary certificate/salary assignment letter from employer
  • - Vehicle quotation from an approved car dealer
  • - Post-dated repayment cheques for the tenor and amount borrowed (expatriates)

*The bank may request additional documents

Imagine driving away in your dream car

A minimum salary of QAR 4,000 is required to qualify for a Vehicle Loan.

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