What to do if Your Card is Lost, Stolen or Captured

We understand that sinking feeling you get when your card’s lost or stolen, so we try to make reporting, cancelling and replacing your card as stress-free as possible. Let us know right away if your Credit or Debit Card is lost or stolen.

If you’re travelling overseas, you can get a replacement card couriered to you and we will let you know where you can pick up your card.
*Courier charges will apply.

Captured cards

If your card is captured in a Commercial Bank ATM it can be returned to you.

  • If the card is captured in a Commercial Bank ATM attached to the branch, simply walk into the branch and request for the card to be retrieved from the ATM
  • If the card is captured in Commercial Bank ATM not attached to a branch, the card will be sent the collection centre in the D-ring road branch and you can collect the card after 3-5 working days


If the card is captured in a NON CB ATM/ ATM outside the country then the card will be automatically destroyed, simply block the card and order a new card.


Lost or stolen cards

If your card is lost or stolen, you should immediately block the card and order a replacement. You can block and replace your card in multiple convenient ways.


Retail Internet Banking:

  • Login to Internet Banking
  • Select the “Sitemap” option from the Homepage
  • Under Credit Cards menu, select the “Block Card” option
  • Choose the appropriate card to be blocked
  • Select the “Block Card” option and select the option “Permanent” to block your card permanently
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number to block your card
  • Once the card is blocked successfully, choose the “Replace Card” option to replace the card


Mobile banking:

  • Login to your Mobile Banking app
  • Select  "Services"
  • Select "Debit or Credit Card services"
  • Select "Block temporary" or "Permanent block"


Contact Centre:

  • Call our dedicated hotline number at 44495095
  • Select your preferred language (English/Arabic)
  • Select "option 1" to block your card
  • IVR will allow you to temporary block a selected card or your entire cards instantly
  • Call will be connected to an agent who can assist with replacing your cards


There are things you can do to prevent your cards being stolen or used by fraudsters. Read our guide to card fraud for tips on how to keep your cards and money safe.  {Need link to Guide}