If your account has been blocked due to your current employment status, please follow the below steps to resume the services

 Update your new employment status with (i) new Salary Certificate, (ii) QID tagged to your new employer, and (iii) First Salary transfer to your designated account where your monthly repayments are debited from.

 Settle your obligations by making​ full payment for Personal Loan / Vehicle Loan / Credit Card along with the Credit Card cancellation.

​ Provide a guarantor with capacity to shoulder your existing obligations who has his / her monthly salary transferred to us.

Note: End of service payment received from your previous employer will be adjusted towards your obligation irrespective of your employment status.

How to update your employment details through your CBQ Mobile App:

 Log in to CBQ Mobile App and click on the Services tab.

 Click Profile Update.

Click Proceed.

 Update your QID and attach your QID (front and back).

 Update your employment details that includes attaching your new Salary Certificate.

 Acknowledge the Terms and Conditions, then click submit.

 Please click here to view the format of the Salary Certificate for your reference.​

For further information or assistance, please call us on 4449 0500  (Sundays to Thursdays from 8 am to 2 pm).​​​​​​