Frequently Asked Questions



How do I register for Commercial Bank Internet Banking?
Full details are provided here. The registration process consists of one simple step:  visit and proceed as a New User to register.
Who is eligible to register for this service?
Any Commercial Bank customer with an active account or credit card registered with us.

What if I have no mobile phone registered?
Internet Banking is only accessible through the mobile phone you registered with the bank. If you would like to register a different mobile number for Internet Banking please call us on 4449 0000 or visit any branch and register. It's fast and easy. 
What if I want to change the mobile number I provided?
Internet Banking is only offered to the mobile number you registered with the bank. If you would like to use another mobile number for Internet Banking, use the Personal Profile Update service available on Internet Banking to quickly update your mobile number.
Do I have to register more than once if I have more than one account?
No. Internet Banking account allows you to access all your accounts, cards, beneficiaries, bills, etc, that you already have.
In Personal Preferences what is the Message Receipt preference?
Whenever transactions are made through Internet Banking, messages can be sent to your phone as an SMS, email or as both options.
What is a beneficiary?
A beneficiary is the receiving party. For example, for both international and domestic remittances the beneficiary would be the receiving person or account to whom you are making a transfer to.
I have entered the wrong password and my account is locked. How do I unlock or unfreeze my Commercial Bank Internet Banking account?
If you have unsuccessfully or incorrectly entered your username and/or password, you will eventually be locked out of the system for security reasons. If this happens, use the Forgot Password option on either Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to reset your account and password.
If I change email addresses, can I still use Commercial Bank Internet Banking?
As a security measure we register each customer's email address. If you change your email address we will need to amend your records accordingly. You can update your records easily through Internet Banking in the Secure Access menu under the Profile Update service.