Point of Sale (POS)

​​​​​Merchant networks across all sectors of Retail, Hospitality and Travel are greatly dependent on the speed, flexi​bility and convenience of payment acceptance at point-of-sale (POS) terminals – the electronic device deployed at merchant outlets to accept major credit and debit cards.

We provide a range of best in class counter top and wireless POS terminals and merchant accounts for processing payments. Our tailored offerings are suitable for all business types, giving you the ability to begin or continue taking credit and debit card payments at the most convenient location for you.

Innovative contactless & paperless payment acceptance solution
An innovative, and first of its kind mobile solution in Qatar which converts a Mobile Phone into a POS terminal. CB-VPOS allows a merchant partner to accept contactless card payments in a SECURE, EASY and a CONVENIENT manner without the need to install any additional hardware.
This unique mobile application allows the merchant to authorize card transactions using an Android Phone or even tablets EVEN ON THE GO! ​

The different types of POS services offered by Commercial Bank are (please click on item title below for more information):

 Counter Top


Counter Top (Dial up)



Our Countertop or Dial up POS terminal is the ideal solution for most businesses who want to accept cards. The countertop card machine is perfect for stationary over the counter use. Easy to install, and complete with a sleek ergonomic design. All our terminals come with the latest security standards. Simply insert the card, enter the transaction amount, and hand over to the customer to verify the payment via chip and pin. Commercial Bank POS machines are capable of capturing card data safely and transmitting the same data to the Bank host in a secure, encrypted manner. All terminals come with an integrated PIN pad where the terminal keypad allows the cardholder to enter their PIN.



Wireless Terminals


POS 1.jpg
Our Wireless terminal solution processes card payments securely wherever a GPRS mobile phone signal can be received. These terminals are the ideal solution for the equipment allows you to take payment to your customer, enhancing the service you provide, such as a restaurant offering an 'at table' service. It is not only faster and more convenient than a landline phone, but also helps to increase revenue by enabling merchants to reach out to new market segments where fixed-line connectivity is limited or not practical, such as remote areas,  exhibitions/conventions etc.

 High-Speed (IP)

High-Speed (IP) Countertop POS Terminals

POS 2.jpg 
These terminals are a complete high-performance, all-in-one solution via high-speed Ethernet communication which significantly reduces payment times and queues at checkout counters. It also supports “always-on” connection, which eliminates the time-consuming dial-up process. This payment solution is ideal for department stores and supermarkets making checkout quick and simple. This terminal delivers the speed and reliability you want in a fast-paced, customer-service environment.

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3C Integra Hospitality Services

3C Integra Hospitality is a fully-integrated payment service that enables hotels to process credit and debit card payments directly through the front office PMS (Opera) and restaurant (Micros) cash register software. The IP connection enables faster than ever processing time and automates labour-intensive processes, such as daily credit verifications.


At the front desk, 3CIntegra frees you to devote your time and energy to serving your valuable clients, while maintaining high standards of speed and accuracy. In restaurants, you can reduce errors to zero with the 3C integrated payment solution.




     •  Automatic pre-authorizations at the front desk
     •  Automatic credit check at shift close
     •  Dynamic Currency Conversion on most interfaces
     •  Tip functionality for restaurants
     •  Increase check-out capacity by up to 300%
     •  Links to all major hospitality PMS and cash register software
     •  Fully PA DSS-compliant, secure service
     •  Multi-level hierarchy Web reporting tool for easy reconciliation
     •  All 3CInterga products are supported by a 24/7 hotline support

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