If you are looking for a solution to achieve a long-term financial goal, save for a specific need or plan for the unexpected, the regular saving International Investment Plan from Commercial Bank may be something for you. 

A regular saving investment plan is a disciplined way of saving by regularly investing a fixed amount into a mutual fund over a period of time. 

The International Investment Plan from Commercial Bank is a commonly referred to as a regular saving plan or a systematic investment plan (SIP). With a disciplined approach of regularly investing a fixed amount in a simple and affordable manner you could grow your wealth over time. With an initial minimum investment of USD 300 and minimum monthly fixed contributions of USD 300, you can start saving through an investment today. 

Why should you consider the regular saving international investment plan?

It is affordable: Instead of large upfront investments, you now have the option to start small for something big. For as little as USD 300 as the initial investment and USD 300 per month, you can start a regular saving investment plan today.

Diversification is key: With access to International mutual funds, you benefit from a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds or sectors providing better distribution and stability to your investment.

Takes advantage of the concept of Dollar Cost Averaging: By investing a fixed amount on a regular basis, you are able to average out the cost of investment through buying more units when the price is low and fewer when the price is high.

Long-term growth potential: Regular investments can grow to a sizeable sum over the long term, even if you are only investing a small amount.

It is liquid: The plan invests into global mutual funds which are liquid and you can redeem your investment at any time after the completion of 12 months. Regular saving investment plans are typically maintained for 3 to 5 years. 

How do you start your investment?
You can talk to your Relationship Manager to setup an appointment with a qualified wealth advisor.

Complete the form below and a qualified advisor will reach out to you. 

Save, Invest, Plan and watch your wealth grow!  

Grab the opportunity to take small, yet steady steps to achieve your financial goals with Commercial Bank’s International Investment Plan. 

*Terms and Conditions​ apply.


Investments are NOT risk free and subject to market risks. Mutual Fund NAV’s may go up or down depending on factors and forces affecting the securities market including fluctuations in interest rates. There are no guarantees. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and investors are requested to read all scheme related documents carefully. ​

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